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For those who don’t own an Airstream, itmay seem that there are obstacles – expense, lack of time, ignorance of fundamentals—that keep them from even considering an Airstream outing. Seemingly, the closest they’re going to get to an Airstream is looking longingly at its brilliant sheen as one flows by on a highway. That’s the sad song of, “Ahh, an Airstream. Maybe one day…”

cool campers travel in style
BY elizabeth bettendorf (january 26, 2007)
"Interior decorator Nikki Couture wanted to go camping around Florida with her family. She also wanted an experience that was old-fashioned but faithful to her love of good design."

roughing it retro style
BY terry tomalin (december 31, 2009)
"In my family growing up, there were two types of people: those who slept in tents, and those who slept in trailers. We operated on a strict class system. Kids (peasants) stayed outside, while my parents (the royal couple) had exclusive rights to our family's small travel trailer."


Vintage Airstream
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