Asked Questions

How far should I book in advance?
Book as far as you can to guarantee your airstream availability, but more importantly campsite availability. Many campgrounds (especially Ft. Desoto) book very far in advance.

Which airstream do you recommend?
That depends. We love them all! All of ours are beautiful, but sometimes one airstream is better than another for the way in which it is used. Best to let us know your needs and we can make a recommendation that is best for you.

Which park do you recommend?
We recommend any park on our website and have camped at each ourselves. It is best to email us directly to find out what your specific needs are. Some parks have more activities to do and are great for families while others are more quiet and better for a romantic getaway. Just ask!

Can I tow the airstream myself?
Absolutely not! We do not allow anyone to tow our airstreams.

How many people can an airstream sleep?
This depends on your sleeping style. All of our airstreams are considered to sleep 4 by factory standards, however not all people sleep the same. They all have the ability to have 2 full sized beds with the exception of the Safari, which has 2 irregularly shaped beds similar to a full size.

Can you do special events and/or photo shoots and if so what does that cost?
Yes. We can, but each event is different so a quote can only be made through discussion regarding the needs for the particular event/photo shoot.

Is there a bathroom on the airstream?
The only airstream without a toilet is the ’56 safari, however, we do not set up the toilets to be operable unless it can be directly attached to a sewer hook-up. Of the parks we commonly service only Disney’s Fort Wilderness has this ability. All of the parks we typically service have excellent facilities, which are located only a few steps away from the campsites.

Is there running water?
Yes. There is a small tank that collects water under the airstream, so water conservation is important so that it does not overflow.

Is there a refrigerator?
Yes. Each airstream has a small refrigerator.

Is there a stove or oven?
Yes. Each airstream has both. They are gas and smaller than a typical home stove or oven.

Is there air-conditioning and heat?
Yes. Maintaining a comfortable temperature is easy to do.

Can we rent more than one airstream?
Yes. Depending on availability. Early booking is recommended.

How do I book my campsites?
For most campgrounds go to For Ft Desoto and Disney’s Ft. Wilderness you must go directly to their sites. This can be found on our “destinations” page. When booking campsites put 22 feet in for length of airstream to be able to accommodate any of ours.

What time is check-in/check-out?
Each park has a different check-in/check-out time and our schedule for dropping off the airstreams can vary because of other airstreams going out or coming in. So, for dropping off your airstream a time will be arranged before your trip that works for your schedule. Pick up can be done at any time but needs to occur at least 45 minutes before the check-out time so we can be out in time for the campground to be prepared for their next guest.

What happens if I can't commit to a time to meet someone for the orientation and keys?
This is not a problem. Special arrangements can be made to leave keys for you as well as simply written instructions.

What do I need to bring?
Bring what you plan on wearing, whatever you will be planning to eat/drink and plastic plates, cups and utensils, toiletries, bug spray and flashlights. Flip-flops are recommended to wear to and from the restrooms and in the showers. If you plan on fishing don’t forget your poles and tackle!

What do you provide?
All pillows and linens are provided as well as basic cookware, cleaning supplies, hand soap and first-aid kit.

I have never camped before. Will I like it?
That depends on you! If you are not a person that enjoys the outdoors this may not be right for you. If you are a person that loves the outdoors and want to get a taste of it without “roughing it”, you will have a wonderful time!

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